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Personal injury law involves the determination of liability, the extent of property damage resulting from an accident, assessment of the extent of personal injury when someone is physically injured as a consequence of an accident, and recovery from the party liable for these economic damages. Personal injury cases range from the simple automobile accident with minor injury to a wrongful death action when someone dies as a result of an accident. Promptly after an accident, insurance companies sometimes attempt to settle a case directly with an injured party who may welcome a relatively quick settlement. However, if the injury has not been fully diagnosed and documented, or there are complications in the future which impair earning potential or aggravate pre-existing or then-unknown ailments, the early and quick settlement may prove insufficient to equitably compensate the accident victim. Additionally, an unrepresented party may not be in a position to determine a fair settlement. The true economic impact of a person's injuries should be thoroughly evaluated before any settlement is accepted.

Attorneys at HENAULT & SYSKO, CHARTERED will fully evaluate your case and negotiate firmly with insurance companies to ensure that before any case is settled, our clients receive just compensation for their injuries. We also assist in the processing of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage claims. If necessary, we will file suit and go to trial to fight for what we believe to be equitable compensation for our clients. HENAULT & SYSKO, CHARTERED will work hard to ensure that if you have been injured, you will be justly compensated.

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