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Federal Contract Law is that practice area which involves the rights and obligations related to government contracts and compliance with applicable acquisition regulations frequently involving the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Defense Federal Regulation Supplement (DFAR). Numerous issues can arise concerning compliance with the initial solicitation requirements for the procurement, full and open competition, compliance with bid procedures and set-aside programs, the proper evaluation of the bids or responses, additional negotiation for clarification, performance controversies, and payment issues.

Sometimes validation of accounting practices, determining of proper contract changes and claims and audit verifications of cost can become issues. The variety of contract types including fixed cost, cost plus, award fee, and other incentivized contractual arrangement can pose unique issues. Although the government is attempting to incorporate commercially acceptable business practices, the volumes of regulations and restrictions can make what would otherwise be a straight-forward business proposition an overwhelming complex federal government acquisition. Frequently our clients are second, third and sometimes fourth tier subcontractors who must deal with the pass-through provisions of their subcontract and all those subcontracts for superior tier subcontractors and even the contract between the prime contractor and the government. Some subcontractors are subjected to demands by superior tier contractors which they suspect are inappropriate or potentially predatory. In such circumstances we can provide guidance and advise as to the appropriate course of action.

The attorneys at HENAULT & SYSKO, CHARTERED are sensitive to the complexities of doing business for and with the government and assisting the client in navigating the federal procurement labyrinth and achieve its lawful business objectives.

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